Couponing with Dad

It’s nice to hit deals for things you’d never buy on your own, but everybody is mildly pleased to have if you show up with them! Case in point–or more like two cases in point–Coca Cola!


There was a sweet CVS deal for coke last week, and I had ExtraCare Bucks leftover from Thanksgiving, so I bought four 12-packs for $12 ($3 each; $0.25 per coke).

Then my dad threw some Funyuns on top, luckily (for him) on sale for $1.49. The Funyuns were then selectively eaten by my toddling niece (only the complete O-shaped ones).  

If, in a total pinch and Coca-Cola craze, I had made this purchase at “regular” prices or without a CVS card, it would have been double the amount. 

50% savings is great for couponing without coupons.


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