2/7/16-Couponing at CVS….Moneymaker on Greeting Cards, free Cough Drops & more!

Lots of great deals at CVS this week from 2/7-2/13! Be sure to grab these deals for yourself!!! I did my haul in 2 transactions this week and began with $7.50 ExtraCare Bucks. (I was so excited because I earned a $5 ECB from the Beauty Bucks Rewards program this week!!!!) I love those beauty bucks!

After both transactions, I paid a total of $5.69 for 21 items which included sales tax! That’s only .27 per item!!! (My out of pocket would have been $10.59 for all 21 items, but I earned that $5 beauty reward this week which made my deals even sweeter!!!!

Check out my post on all these deals and get your printable coupons: http://savvycouponshopper.com/cvs-deals-for-27-213-moneymaker-ponds-cream-free-halls-cough-drops-42-kleenex-more/

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